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Scanning (Small & Large Format)

From single sheets to multi page document scanning, Fingerprints Design can help. We can Scan to PDF, TIFF or JPEG format in black and white, greyscale or full colour. For scanning and sending via email this can be achieved as we can scan from 72dpi right up to high resolutions of 600dpi ideal for high quality printing or enlargement of scans.

Once your media has been scanned we can offer the following specialist services:

  • Custom file naming for drawings
  • Custom cataloguing of media
  • Long term local storage solutions
  • Cloud hosting Services
  • Document Hyperlinking

If you have any questions or enquiries, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer some free advice, either call the office on 01992 581302 or us the contact us page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Scan to print

We can reproduce your originals in black and white or full colour.

We can copy and scan from a variety of media including: tracing paper; gloss paper; cartridge paper and bond paper. Then print them onto a vast portfolio of media including: matt, gloss, tracing, vinyl, banner, mesh or canvas etc.

The resulting copies can be folded or rolled (media depending) and collated in sets as required.

Scan to file

Alternatively we can scan to file, where the originals are scanned and a digital version created for easy archiving or re-use in files.

We can email you drawings for you to send onto clients or other people involved in the project. We can also offer long term cloud storage for your larger files, we will create a custom link that you can send to any parties involved for easy & fast download of documentation.

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