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Reprographics / CAD Printing (B&W & Colour)

Using the latest wide-format scanners and printers, we can produce the highest quality reproductions of your large hard copy originals, up to 36” (914mm) wide and to any length (upto 200 metres).

Our plan printing service offers you a range of options when it comes to copying your plans and drawings. It is perfect for all your construction, electrical, architectural, engineering and general plans. Our plan printing machines can also produce enlargements & reductions from your paper originals.

We can print up to A0 with larger available upon request. Our standard print stock is 80gsm paper, but we can also print onto thicker stocks as well as tracing paper (additional charges apply) Plans can be printed from hard copy or digital files, if printing from DWG is required there may be a conversion charge incurred.

If you’re looking to take your plans on site we do also offer a encapsulation service for any plans upto A1 which will ensure these last the length of the project with the plan being fully waterproof, if you are looking to take A0 plans or above on site and need a bit more protection, we can offer a lamination service which makes the surface of the plan water resistant ensuring a longer life for your plans.

Key Features of our Large Format Reprographics:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Enlargements, reductions or rescaling service for both the whole image and individual sections
  • Folding and collating into sets
  • Reproduction in 600dpi CMYK format for CAD digital files using inkjet technology
  • Specialised high speed, wide format printers
  • Flexibility and superior services
  • Competitive prices with no compromise on quality
  • Highly trained operators
  • Our couriers deliver your work quickly, directly to you or to the door/desk of your choice.
  • Option to scan to file



Scan to print

We can reproduce your originals in black and white or full colour.

We can copy and scan from a variety of media including: tracing paper; gloss paper; cartridge paper and bond paper. Then print them onto a vast portfolio of media including: matt, gloss, tracing, vinyl, banner, mesh or canvas etc.

The resulting copies can be folded or rolled (media depending) and collated in sets as required.


Scan to file

Alternatively we can scan to file, where the originals are scanned and a digital version created for easy archiving or re-use in files.

We can email you drawings for you to send onto clients or other people involved in the project. We can also offer long term cloud storage for your larger files, we will create a custom link that you can send to any parties involved for easy & fast download of documentation.

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